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About Sreedhareeyam

Sreedhareeyam, the leading name in Ayurvedic Eye care traces its origins to Nellikatu Mana- an ancient, reputed Brahmin family in Kerala with a 400-year old history. Kerala has always been known as one of the chief centres of early Ayurvedic practice in India. The science of Ayurveda it is believed is divided into 8 segments or parts with each part corresponding to a special part of our body. The ancient sages of yore selected 8 prominent families and blessed and bestowed on them to carry on the treatment for the welfare of mankind. Thus since olden days Ayurvedic Ophthalmology was the stronghold of Nellikattu Mana family. Though Ayurveda is practised extensively for common ailments like arthirites-vadham and other diseases eye care was the exclusive practice of Nellikatu Mana and a few select families. Tracing back the history of Sreedhareeyam, Vaidyan Nellikattu Veliaynarayan Namboothiri -1800-1850 was succeeded by Vaidyan Nellikattu Valiyaparameshwaran Namboothiri. During this time due to divine interpretation and blessing from the almighty this institution witnessed many unbelievable miracles that are recorded in the ancient documents.