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Nirmaliya Shine The Complete White Fairness
Nirmaliya Green Herbal Hair Oil
Nirmaliya Green Herbal Hair Oil Pro
Nirmaliya Moisturizer Body Lotion
Nirmaliya Classic Herbal Shampoo
Nirmaliya Perfect Glow Whitening Cream Plus

About Nirmaliya

Nirmaliya is where the brightest minds in the country come together as a team to make the best beauty products essentials.

We started our journey to make products that’ll stand the test of time, will ensure that you get the results you seek, and keep your body healthy (well, almost perfect).

Our collection of hair care products, skin care products, Shampoos, Facial Care, Face Wash, and Moisturizers are backed by intensive research, rigorous testing, and market-proven science.

Enjoy and benefit from the goodness of Rosemary, Aloe vera, Licorice, Cucumber, Papaya, Fresh tomatoes, Saffron, Green Grams, Hibiscus, and many other hand-picked, scientifically-backed, and proven natural ingredients that have been used to create our products.

Our company exists for you. Our products are made for you. We aren’t going to stop until you tell us how much you love them. When you do, we’ll do even better.