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Aayam Herbal Yunadent Ayurvedic Tooth Powder

About Aayam Herbal

Aayam Herbal & Research Industries, Jaipur, India. Is promoted by Mr. Rohit Kumar Vohra who has an experience since 1985 in the field of sales & marketing of consumer pharma and Herbal (Ayurvedic Products). Formulation of YDM - Yunadent Ayurvedic tooth powder was developed by His father late Mr. Mahendra Kumar Vohra, who was practicing Ayurveda and Yunani Medicine in India, before the formal production of YDM he use to dispense this Dental powder to the dental patients having problems like Bleeding of gums, poor dental strength, dental pain while chewing, tobacco and pan-gutka users, dental tingling and numbness effected people.